Detailed tracking of goods

Designable services

Moving, transport and storing of goods

Detailed reports and invoices




Register and control every movement, every employee and every step - be able to optimize every step


Never loose a package again. Be able to prove to the customer when he got the packages


Detailed history and

statistics about basically everything, as well as reports and invoices


Receive, Sort and Deliver

Receive pallets from suppliers

Collect pallets to same customers

Deliver pallets to customers


Receiving mail from customers and/or deliver mail to distributor.

Signed when handed over and received


Transport goods for customers

from pickup-place

to drop-off place

Signed when handed over and received

Define your own services, and register them per minute, amount or just done.


Moving parcels

Moving parcels in the airport for the customer from one position to another

Signed when handed over and received


An SMS or email will be sent automatically to any customer who wants to be informed whenever goods are received from any given distributor



  • A significant improvement in productivity

20% a year documented in major airpor, two years in a row

  • Fewer errors

Makes for happy customers and less compensation

  • More services

Offer your customers new services, like emptying trash cans, clean customers storage areas, label goods etc

  • Extensive documentation

So you and your customers can document everything. You can also design your own reports

  • More functions

Handle your customers mail, move your customers goods around on the airport or transport them outside the airport.

  • The customers can now get detailed documentation

like invoices and reports

  • Use the detailed history to locate bottlenecks and idlers

Store things for your customers


Sometimes customers need more space. When this happens, you can store your customers goods in your warehouse for a fee. The system will automatically notice that the goods are placed in your warehouse and calculate how much to bill the customer.

Also, you can treat goods from specific suppliers in special ways. If for instance you have a freezer, you can place goods from the fish-supplier in the freezer and inform the customer that his goods have arrived.

Transmit SMS' and emails to customers when the package they are waiting for, arrives


Sometimes customers need to be informed when dertain goods are received. For instance, some goods are food with short shelf life, like fish for Sushi or fruit for smoothies and so on.

The customer needs to be informed as soon as these goods arrive, The system will automatically send an SMS or an email, when these goods are received.

Airport Logistics


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